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Devoted to
damn good tacos.

Anyone can make tacos. Hell, plenty of places are great at it. Pink Taco isn’t just another taco joint—it’s sacred ground.

You won’t find us playing it safe. No, what we’re after is a detonation of flavors dancing on your tastebuds. A beautiful mess. No filler. No BS. Made with the kind of reckless attitude we infuse into our house-made margaritas.

Our restaurants are where bold tastes and tastemakers come together. We curate playlists, throw down taco-inspired knowledge like a trivia champion, and write odes to our favorite ingredients that would make Shakespeare weep into his burrito. All in adoration of the world’s greatest delivery system: the almighty tortilla.

Welcome to the hallowed halls of taco truth.
Welcome to where the heat lives up to the hype.
Welcome to Pink Taco.

Devoted to<br>damn good tacos.
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