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Mexican cuisine has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts around the world. One restaurant that has embraced the flavors and vibrancy of Mexican culture is Pink Taco. What started as a small-scale venture witha cheeky name has blossomed into a renowned restaurant chain.

Pink Taco was founded in 1999 by Harry Morton in Las Vegas, NV, openingits first location within Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe. Inspired by the vibrant street food culture of Mexico, Harry envisioned creating a restaurant that offereda unique dining experience. In its early years, Pink Taco operated as a single location in Sin City. The restaurant quickly gained popularity, attracting locals, celebrities and tourists alike with its inviting ambiance, lively music, and delectable Mexican fare. Pink Taco prided itself on adopting a casual,fun-loving atmosphere that mirrored the vibrant energyof Mexican street markets.

As word spread about the exceptional dining and drinking experience at Pink Taco, demand grew rapidly. To cater to this increasing popularity, Pink Taco expanded its reach, opening new locations in prominent cities acrossthe United States. Each new restaurant stayed true to the brand’s original concept, providing guests with an immersive vibe dining experience that celebrated Mexican culture.

At the heart of Pink Taco’s success lies its exceptional cuisine and beverage program. The menu features a diverse range of traditional Mexican dishes made with high-quality ingredients and bold flavors. From mouthwatering tacos filled with succulent grilled meats to salsas and guacamole, Pink Taco has mastered the art of crafting authentic Mexican flavors with a modern twist, while also offering an impressive selection of handcrafted margaritas and cocktails.

Beyond serving delicious food, Pink Taco has actively engaged with local communities and supported various charitable initiatives like the Los Angeles Food Bank, Susan G. Komen For The Cure, and various LGBTQIA organizations, to name a few. The restaurant has hosted fundraisers and events to raise awareness and funds for causes such as education, healthcare, and disaster relief efforts. Through its philanthropic endeavors, Pink Taco has made a positive impact on society while promoting a sense of social responsibility.

Pink Taco’s distinctive brand identity and extraordinary vibe dining experience have earned it widespread recognition. Celebrities and influencers have flocked to Pink Taco, drawn by its lively atmosphere and delectable offerings. The restaurant’s regular appearances in popular culture, including movies, TV shows,and music videos, have further solidified its status as an influential player in the culinary scene.

What began as a bold and unconventional Mexican restaurant concept has evolved into an iconic establishment. Pink Taco’s commitment to providingan unforgettable dining experience, while staying rooted in Mexican culinary traditions, has set it apart from its competitors. With its playful ambiance, delicious food, and dedication to community engagement, Pink Taco continues to make a lasting impression on the ever-evolving world of Mexican cuisine.


Founder of Pink Taco
& Rock n’ Roll Vibe Dining

With a vibrant personality, entrepreneurial spirit, and a love for all things music, food and margaritas, Harry Morton embarked on a remarkable journey that would forever change the restaurant industry. Born in 1981, he was the son of Peter Morton, the co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe, and grandson of Arnie Morton, the founder of Morton’s The Steakhouse. Harry Morton grew up in a family with a strong background in the restaurant industry, which influenced his career path.

Harry was the founder of the renowned Pink Taco. With its bold and playful name, the restaurant quickly became a hot spot for locals, tourists and celebrities alike. Harry’s vision for Pink Taco was to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere where people could indulge in delicious Mexican cuisine while enjoying a fun and exciting dining experience with rock n’ roll vibe!

From the moment you stepped foot inside Pink Taco, you could feel Harry’s passion for creating a unique and memorable ambiance. The walls were adorned with vibrant artwork and neon lights, creating a festive and energetic atmosphere. The music was always pumping, setting the stage for a lively and unforgettable dining experience.

But it wasn’t just the atmosphere that made Pink Taco special. Harry had a deep love and appreciation for Mexican cuisine. He believed in using only the freshest ingredients and authentic flavors to create mouthwatering dishes and craveable margaritas that would delight the taste buds. From their famous tacos to their sizzling fajitas and heavenly margaritas, every dish at Pink Taco was crafted with love and creativity.

Harry Morton’s adventures at Pink Taco were filled with excitement and innovation. He constantly pushed the boundaries of traditional Mexican cuisine, introducing new and exciting flavors that would surprise and delight his customers. Harry’s creative flair extended beyond the menu, as he continuously sought to create unique and memorable experiences for his guests.

As a visionary in the restaurant industry, Harry Morton had insightful thoughts on the ever-changing landscape of dining. He believed that the key to success was in creating an immersive and interactive dining experience that would leave a lasting impression on customers. He saw the importance of constantly evolving and staying ahead of the curve to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Despite his untimely passing at the age of 38 due to sudden cardiac arrest, Harry Morton’s legacy, and passion for philanthropy, lives on through Pink Taco, and UCLA’s Harry Morton Foundation. His bold and adventurous spirit continues to inspire the restaurant industry, challenging others to push the boundaries and create unforgettable experiences for their customers. Pink Taco remains a testament to Harry’s vision, and it continues to be a place where people can come together, indulge in delicious food, and create lasting memories.

So, the next time you find yourself craving a fun and exciting dining experience, make sure to visit Pink Taco and raise a margarita to the unforgettable legacy of Harry Morton. Cheers to his adventurous spirit and the vibrant world of Pink Taco!

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